Whole Grain Hummus Recipe

Whole Grain Hummus- Traditional Recipe

 This Whole Grain Hummus recipe is for people who like Hummus. The Hummus that you buy from the supermarket is made of Chick-peas, blended into a paste. This recipe is for people who like Whole Grain Hummus. The first step to making Hummus is soaking the chickpeas. Canned Chickpeas are to be avoided at all costs. You are sacrificing the flavor and integrity of Hummus by using canned chickpeas Soak the Chick-peas overnight. The level of water should exceed  3-4 inches above the Chickpea level.

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Pita Bread Dough Roller – Spinni...

This space saver pita bread and pizza roller is versatile. You can use it for all types of bread as well as pizza. With two roller you can control the thickness of the dough. There are also thickness dials for both the upper and lower roller which makes it great for making even pita bread all the time.

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